Dog of The Month

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Check back soon, to see who our next dog of the month is. Each dog of the month receives a 10% discount off their next groom and is also featured on our Facebook page 🙂

July 2018

July’s dog of the month is Bella the Maltese.  

What a little cutie! 

Bella has a full groom with our organic aloe vera, grapefruit and mandarin oil shampoo, it smells divine.

June 2018

Our June dog of the month is Amber a Golden Retriever.

Amber has a de-shedding treatment and scissor tidy of her feathers.

May 2018

May’s Dog of the Month is Rafael the Shih Tzu, looking happy with himself after his groom.

Rafael has a scissor groom to keep his coat long and fluffy.

February 2018

February dog of the month is Louie the Briard. 

Louie has his coat groomed out and scissor styled to keep the length of the coat in a manageable condition.

January 2018

Our January dog of the month is Forest, an English Cocker Spaniel. 

Forest has very unusual markings, hence his cool name!  His groom includes an all over scissor trim to keep his coat tidy.

December 2017

December’s dog of the month is Mali the West Highland White Terrier. 

Mali has a full groom to breed standard, with our sensitive Evening Primrose shampoo to keep his skin soothed.

November 2017

Our November dog of the month is Archie, a Bichon.

Here he is posing the camera after his hair cut!  He has his coat clipped and styled with our 2 in 1 conditioning shampoo and a spritz of cologne. 

October 2017

October’s dog of the month is Pippin, a Golden doodle. 

Pippin is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle.  She has her curly coat trimmed short to keep the knots at bay!

September 2017

Our September Dog of the Month is Boo Bear, the Labradoodle.

Boo Bear has his coat hand scissored and styled, with our 2 in 1 conditioning shampoo to keep his coat in tiptop condition.


August 2017

Our August dog of the month is Ralph, a miniature wire haired dachshund.

Ralph has his coat hand stripped to keep the wire texture, and here he is looking so cute!


July 2017

Our July dog of the month is Berty, an Old English Sheepdog.  

He has his coat trimmed to keep it more manageable and looks very smart!


Our June dog of the month is Kai, who has a hand strip to keep his wire coat in tip top condition. 

May 2017

Pumpkin is our May dog of the Month.  Pumpkin the Airedale had her first groom, and is looking all grown up.

April 2017

Our April dog of the month is Chelsea, a Bichon.  Chelsea has a Bichon groom and here she is looking beautiful. 

March 2017

Sonny is our March dog of the month.  Sonny has a traditional Westie groom, with our Evening Primrose oil shampoo, perfect for sensitive coats.

February 2017

Our February dog of the month is Alfie, a mix of Lhasa Apso and Bichon.  Alfie has a teddy style groom to keep him looking handsome.

January 2017

Our January dog of the month is Minnie, a Papillon, which means butterfly in French.  Minnie has a de-shedding treatment to remove her shedding undercoat with a scissor finish to keep her looking pretty.

December 2016

Our December dog of the month is Flynn.  Flynn is a very handsome Red Setter.  He has a full groom with us with includes our 2 in 1 coat conditioning shampoo, (with organic aloe vera,) full brush out to remove any knots, scissor tidy of feet, feathers and tail.  Plus a nail trim.

November 2016

Our November dog of the month is Lola a French Bulldog.  Here she is posing after her groom, which included a bath, a de-shedding treatment, nail clip, eye and ear clean.

October 2016

Our October Dog of the Month is Lilly an Old English Sheep Dog.  Lilly loves coming in for her grooming session which includes our lovely Lavender shampoo bath, with organic Lavender, Oat extract and Patchouli, which leaves her coat smelling divine and promotes hydration a nourishment for the skin.

September 2016

Our September Dog of the Month is Binky, a Bichon cross Poodle.  Binky has a full hand scissor groom to keep her coat looking full and fluffy, with our popular Blueberry facial.

August 2016

Our August Dog of the Month is Bonney, the Standard Poodle.  Bonney has what’s know as a ‘lamb’ trim with topknot and full long ears.  She looks so pretty.

July 2016

Our July Dog of the Month is Jenson the Collie.  Jenson loves coming in for his grooms, and doesn’t stop wagging his tail the whole time!  Jenson has out deep cleaning shampoo with organic rosemary and eucalyptus to leave his coat smelling fresh and looking fabulous. 

June 2016

Our June Dog of the Month is Dixie, an apricot Cockapoo.  Dixie has had a full groom with us including a wash with our 2 in 1 conditioning shampoo with organic grapefruit and mandarin oil to boost shine and manageability.

May 2016

Our May Dog of the Month is Bailey, an English Cocker Spaniel who has his coat hand stripped, to keep the texture and colour of the coat, then finished off with scissor shaping.

December 2015

Our December Dog of the Month is Harley, the English Cocker Spaniel.

Harley is a tri coloured Cocker Spaniel with very handsome markings.

His groom includes our Country Garden shampoo, to cleanse and condition his coat, ready for his hair cut to trim and tidy his coat.

November 2015

November’s Dog of Month is Masie, a Fox Terrier.

Masie is only a puppy and here she is after her first groom, her coat is carded and stripped to maintain her coat colourings and wire texture.

October 2015

Octobers Dog of the Month is Fleur, a Yorkie cross.

Fleur was recently featured on Paul O’Grady’s For The Love of Dogs, and came to us for her first hair cut before being featured on the show.

Fleur was taken in by Battersea and was pregnant. Luckily all of the pups, and Fleur herself were all re-homed and have found their forever homes 🙂

September 2015

Our September Dog of the Month is Dolly, a Pomeranian.

Dolly is a sable coloured Pomeranian, who has a full groom, with fluff dry to enhance her pretty coat. She also has our Vanilla Dreams shampoo which is scented with essential oils.

August 2015

Barney is our August Dog the Month.

Barney is a cockapoo, here he is posing for a photo after his groom.

July 2015

This is Logan, our July Dog of the Month.

Logan is a Miniature Schauzer, who has had a standard Schauzer groom with us. He looks so handsome with his long beard.

June 2015

Buster the cockapoo is our June Dog of the Month.

Buster has our scrummy Woodland Walk natural shampoo, especially designed for the boys, with essential oils of Patchouli, Geranium and Lavender, to keep his coat looking shiny and his skin conditioned

May 2015

Our May Dog of the Month is Bertie, a Labradoodle.

Bertie had a full groom with us, which included our Camomile, Lemon and Lime Shampoo, especially designed for lighter colour coats, to bring out his natural coat colour.

April 2015

Our April Dog of the Month is Boris, a toy Poodle.

Boris has a teddy bear style groom, and here is Boris after his groom, posing with his bandana!

March 2015

This is Ted, our March dog of the month.

Ted is a cockerpoo, with white and brown markings. Ted’s groom included a bubble bath with wild wash, beauty and shine shampoo, with grapefruit, bergamot and ginger.

February 2015

Our February dog of the month is Lexi, a white Mini Schnauzer.

Lexi is only a little puppy at the moment, and a very pretty girl. Lexi’s groom included a blueberry facial and our light coats wild wash shampoo, with chamomile, lemon and lime.

January 2015

To start of the new year Buster is our handsome dog of the month for January.

Buster is a cockerpoo, with black and white markings. Buster’s groom included our wildwash shampoo for dark coats, with mandarin, sweet orange and fennel.

December 2014

Look out for Santa Paws this month! (Pssst. it’s our very own Coco in disguse……)

November 2014

November’s winner is Billy, a golden Cocker Spaniel.

Here is Billy posing for a photo after his groom. 🙂

October 2014

October’s dog of the month is Mervin, the Tibetan Terrier.

Mervin has a teddy trim, with a cute teddybear face

September 2014

This is Milly, a beautiful Shelti.

She enjoys modelling her shiny coat after her groom, looking so pretty!

August 2014

August’s dog of the month is Harry, a four month old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

Harry had his first puppy trim with us, to start to style and shape his coat towards the breed standard. What a happy chappie!

July 2014

Our July dog of the month is Ted a Tibtean Terrier.

Ted has scissor trim to keep his coat looking smart and tidy.

June 2014

Lady the beautiful Cocker Spaniel is our dog of the month for June.

She has a show cocker spaniel trim and looks like an elegant lady.

May 2014

Our dog of the month for May, is a Yorkshire Terrier, named Tiny!

He is tiny in size but not in personality. Here he is looking handsome with his bandana after his groom.

April 2014

April’s dog of the month is a pretty cockapoo, called Lexi.

Having just been in for a groom, Lexi is always a good girl and enjoys her pampering sessions with us, including our popular blueberry facial.

March 2014

Our March dog of the month is Barney, a Cocker Spaniel, looking ever so shiny after his groom.

February 2014

February’s dog of the month is Kai, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Kai has a full groom with a short hair cut to keep his coat looking smart.

January 2014

Our January dog of the month winner has just been announced as Lilly the Westie.

Here is a photo of Lilly after her groom looking very smart. 🙂